Featured Works

From 3D with Pin-ups, steampunk's, even Lego render, to architectural render, I'm working on various projects.

I've got also some 2D arts printed on plexiglas.

And even DIY fan art objects like recently the Overwatch headsets holder !

Steampunk Pin-up

The Selfie !

Overwatch headset holder

Gena steampunk pin-up

Featured in multiple magazines and artbooks, here the Gena steampunk pin-up !

The selfie !

Newest semi pin-up creation, an android girl in her room selfi'ing herself !

Overwatch headset holder

Your high end LED headset holder from Overwatch, with multiples designs, DVA, Mercy, Junkrat, etc...


Support my work on Patreon !

My patreon is for you ! You will see all the steps of creation of my 3D pin-ups.

Same for every other projects, like fan arts, etc...

There will be stories, books, 3D prints, arts, etc...

You will also look to some gorgeous models, some that I will recreate in 3D, and some others, because we all like beauties !

  You will also get rewards !

  Some of my creations directly send to you !

  Do you want a free Overwatch headset holder ?

3D arts

From architectural render, to still life, with some fan arts. WIP's, full renders, maybee follow me in some CG competitions !

2D Canvas

I'm also releasing time to time some abstract arts in 2D, made from Illustrator or Photoshop, and printed on giant plexiglas canvas.

Syfy story

Follow the adventure of an Alchemist, into a 3 parted world full of magical powers, and an army of alchemic users, called the Sanctuary.

Cg Pin-ups

My main things ! Create some pin-ups looking girl in CG, some time half android, sometime created from real life models !

Alternative models photos

Because we all need inspiration, this is where I'll get mine, tell me what you think about these models ?

DIY fan arts

Drawing, painting, modeling, but also creating objects for sells. For the moment we have the personalized headset holder !

Twitch plays !

Wanna follow my adventure in gaming ? My twitch channel is over there. Follow me into Overwatch, Final fantasy XV, Monster Hunter, ...

3D figurine print

I have also a 3D printer ! I'm in love making 3D printed figurine, from movies, games, or even CG pin-ups !

Gaming PC modding

I'm also a hardware pro. I can create for you the ultimate gaming computer, with hard watercooling, modding, and some LEDs lol !

Patreon Rewards !

You are a model and want yourself made in CG ?

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